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We're excited to bring chiropractic to the Blue Wave swim team!

To bring this benefit to your athlete there are just a few steps we need to take. Watch this video to find out how we can get started!

Step One: Book your child's new patient appointment by clicking the "Book Now" button above. For Blue Wave members this appointment will only be $30. In the box that says, "Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting," please make sure to share that your child is on the Blue Wave swim team so that our team in the office can be sure to apply the correct discounts to your appointment.

Step Two: Bring your athlete in for a full new patient consultation, examination, and x-rays. Dr. Austin will schedule a follow-up for you to come back and review his findings so that he can go over his recommendations for your child.

Step Three: In the event that your child has an active condition that Dr. Austin feels he can correct, he will show you those recommendations and you have the choice to come into the office for a 30-90 day corrective plan that you will pay for. These visits we can not give to your child for free because they are a different code that we cannot legally give away without charging. However, all athletes will not need a corrective plan and those who do have the option to reject the plan and proceed with the complimentary treatments at High Five, Inc.

Step Four: Dr. Austin will come to High Five once a week to adjust and work with athletes that he has seen in the office. This benefit will be no cost to you and will add to your athlete's performance by making sure their body is functioning optimally. Chiropractic care for athletes helps muscle performance, joint proprioception (movement and placement of joints so that they can move properly and freely in their strokes), injury prevention, recovery time, improved performance and more. We can't wait to help your athletes!

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