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Athlete Chiropractor Brandon, FL

Chiropractic and athletics is an amazing combination. Regular chiropractic work has been known to improve practice, performance, and recovery. Professional athletes speak often of their dependence on chiropractic care. Here are just a few:

Dr. Chase has had the opportunity to work with his good friend and professional wrestler, Tony Storm. Tony first came to Austin because his wife wanted chiropractic care, but he didn't feel he needed it for himself. He eventually tried it once, and there was no turning back. He noticed his performance improve, he felt better, his recovery after workouts was much better, and all around he knew it was giving him the competitive edge he wanted. Here's from Tony:

Besides Tony, Dr. Chase has worked with high school athletes, collegiate athletes, other professional athletes, as well as non-competitive athletes who have active lifestyles and participate in sports for recreation. He welcomes the opportunity to work with more athletes to help them improve their performance.

Book now to get yourself or the athletes in your life started with chiropractic care!

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