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Chiropractic Care and Expecting Mothers

At NüVita Chiropractic we see many expectant mothers. Dr. Austin and Katelynn Chase witnessed the incredible difference chiropractic care made in three of Katelynn's four pregnancies. With their first they were in their undergraduate programs and were unaware of how beneficial chiropractic care could be for pregnancy. With the following three pregnancies Dr. Chase was in chiropractic school, then graduated and began working as a chiropractor, and Katelynn received regular care the whole time. 


The first difference that was of HUGE relief to Katelynn was how much chiropractic took away the aches and pains of pregnancy. Every adjustment left her feeling relieved and light. She explains that it was as if the huge weight of her tummy was taken off and she could stand and move normally. 

The other big differences were Katelynn's labor times, pain during labor/delivery, and recovery afterwards. Her first baby had an eighteen hour labor before delivery. With all three of the following children that time was cut down to around six hours. The pain she felt during labor was also very manageable, not getting extremely painful until near the end. One of the most amazing things though, was after baby came. Katelynn's recovery was so quick it was difficult for her to stay the recommended time in bed. Other than some natural soreness, she felt back to her normal self within hours of delivery. As any mother who has birthed a baby knows, birth can be rather traumatic on the body. Katelynn felt so blessed that she was able to have so much of that trauma alleviated because she was under regular chiropractic care.

Expecting mothers should know chiropractic not only helps with the aches and pains of pregnancy but a more relaxed body often results in a decrease in labor time by up to 40%, which has been proven through some of the most recent research.  By removing stress and interference to the body, the pregnancy and birthing processes have the potential to be much easier on mom and baby.  Dr. Chase has studied in some of the most advanced techniques regarding pregnancy and children and uses an extremely gentle approach to make sure the structure and function of the body is where it should be.

Proper alignment of the pelvis is essential for the normal position of the baby and an easier delivery. Any misalignment of the pelvis can create torsion in the uterus, leading to in-utero constraint, which prevents the baby from moving freely. If the baby can’t get into the ideal position, labor is more difficult and less likely to result in a natural delivery. The Webster technique is a specialized chiropractic technique used to prevent in-utero constraint and assist the baby in finding the ideal position for birth. 

Dr. Chase is very experienced in the care of pregnant patients and is excited to assist more mothers in having comfortable pregnancies and births.

Whether you are in your first trimester, not pregnant yet, or about to deliver, we know chiropractic care can help you and your new baby. Book now to get started and enjoy the benefits that only chiropractic can offer!

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