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Meet Our Team

Dr. Austin and Katelynn Chase


Dr. Chase was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Human Biology with a minor in Chemistry at Brigham Young University in Idaho. He then went on to get his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Georgia, and graduated with the honor of Cum Laude.


Dr. Chase led an active lifestyle from a young age. He was very involved in different sports, as well as music and the arts. Sports and singing were the two things he was most passionate about as a youth. When he was a teen, however, he had a wrestling accident that left him with many negative side effects. He had constant migraines that he couldn’t get relief from, blackouts, he was disoriented, had dizzy spells and his quality of life was greatly compromised. He was told he could no longer play sports, couldn’t work out, and could no longer sing, something he loved to do. Nobody could find any answers for his symptoms after MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays. As a last resort, and at the recommendation of a family member, he went to see a chiropractor. After one adjustment he had immediate improvement. After five adjustments he no longer had headaches. With continual care he was able to return to his normal quality of life and return to the activities he loved. 


This experience opened a door in Dr. Chase’s mind. Chiropractic had never been something he knew much about and wouldn’t have considered had a family member not recommended it. It was amazing to him that chiropractic was able to completely restore his quality of life. Rather than becoming dependent on prescriptions to keep his symptoms at bay for years to come, a chiropractor was able to find the root cause of his issues and fix the problem, rather than continually addressing the symptoms. This eventually became something he wanted to pursue himself so he could share this gift with others.

While in his undergraduate studies, Dr. Chase met Katelynn. Katelynn was born and raised in Utah and was attending BYU-I to obtain her Bachelors Degree in Musical Arts, with an emphasis in piano performance. She and Dr. Chase met in men's choir, where he was singing and she was the accompanist. Thank heavens that chiropractor in his youth helped him return to singing, because otherwise their very different degrees would never have brought them together! 

Through many experiences they've shared, Dr. Chase and Katelynn have both become very passionate about chiropractic work and how it can help individuals and families achieve an amazing level of health. They've seen it's benefits in their own lives, the lives of their children, and in the lives of countless family members and friends. It is something they want to be able to share with others.


Dr. Chase has participated in mission trips to Dominican Republic, Haiti, and El Salvador to share this gift abroad and plans to do more of that in the future. He has also participated in many hours of training in various techniques so that he is able to adjust each patient according to their unique needs. He has worked with pediatric, geriatric, athletes, maternity patients, and everything else in between. He is excited to share the gift of health with the Tampa Bay community.

Chase Kids

We couldn't introduce you to our team without introducing you to our kids. These guys are a major driving force behind all we do and the biggest asset to our team. As a family practice, we include family in all we do, even running our practice! You'll see the kids in the practice often. They may help with office tours, play with your kids while you receive treatment, hang around just to chat, or assist in various other kid friendly office tasks. They bring light and energy to our lives, and we know they'll do the same for our practice! 

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