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True Correction vs. Temporary Relief

Purpose of Pain

Pain is meant to be a signal to us that something is wrong in our body. However, oft times in our current healthcare model, pain is treated as if it is the problem, rather than a signal to us of a greater problem. As a result, we have a healthcare system where symptoms are treated with medicine, never truly get better (because we are treating the symptom rather than the problem), and can potentially become a lifetime problem for that individual.

Another issue with believing that pain is the problem, rather than a symptom, is that we think we are healthy as soon as the pain goes away. However, when there is an issue in the body, the last symptom to arrive is pain. Pain is also the first symptom to go when the problem starts to heal. We have been trained to believe that health is the absence of pain and illness. Unfortunately though, many problems begin way before any pain or illness is ever felt and they are not always gone simply because our symptoms disappear. As a result, if we don't care for our health regularly and consistently we are never truly well and could be setting our selves up for recurring health problems all throughout our lives.

What Principled Chiropractors Do

A principled chiropractor is trained to find the source of your symptoms. If there is a problem with any function in the body, many times that problem can be traced back to a problem with the system that controls all functions of the body; the nervous system. The nervous systems run through your spine. Any interferences in the spine will cause problems in the body. Chiropractors call these nerve interferences, subluxations. A subluxation occurs when one or more of the vertebrae in your spine shift out of place and pinch the nerves running through, or past, those vertebrae. Subluxation equals nerve interference. Nerve interference equals loss of function. Another way to say loss of function is pain and illness. A principled chiropractor finds and corrects subluxations in order to restore proper function and get you to optimum health. 

Pain Management vs. Healthcare

If a chiropractor is only visited when pain is felt, you are missing out on the true power of chiropractic. Visiting a chiropractor only when you are in pain is like waiting to drink water until you are completely dehydrated. At that point it's a whole new problem to try and get your body back up to proper hydration because many of your body systems will have started to shut down. Imagine going your entire life only drinking water when your body shut down from dehydration! It seems absurd to even imagine. If we see a chiropractor regularly instead of only when pain is felt, we will experience a new kind of health that sustains us and allows us to live life at an optimal level.

Our Technology

At NüVita Chiropractic we use state of the art technology to help us assess your spine and pinpoint problems. Using NASA certified thermal testing and digital x-ray, we can get an accurate picture of your spinal health. These systems also allow us to reassess your progress over time so we can be certain we have you on a care plan that is leading to correction and resolution of your health issues, as well as a plan to help you maintain your health long term.


We Can't Wait to Serve You

At NüVita Chiropractic, our goal is truly to help members of the Tampa Bay community find health and healing. We want to serve your family and help you find a better quality life, free from the pain and illness that is caused by nerve interference. We don't only want you to find temporary relief from pain, but we want to help you find true and life long correction; resolving health issues at the source.

Book an appointment today to get started on your path towards true correction and healing!

Public Perception of Chiropractic

Most people think chiropractors are only back doctors and that you go to a chiropractor when you have back pain, headaches, or a car accident. While these are all issues that a chiropractor is very skilled at helping with, a principled chiropractor is concerned with so much more than helping you get out of pain. 

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