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Becoming Part of the Solution for COVID-19

We are passionate about the fact that the community needs chiropractic now more than ever. In the State of Florida, chiropractors have been designated as "essential" businesses during this time of crisis. This means we won't be closing our doors at this time because what we offer as health care providers is what people need to most effectively make it through this crisis. To learn about the science and studies illustrating how chiropractic improves your immune system function, click HERE.

We are also passionate about being good global citizens. We want to do our part to protect the weakest among us, while at the same time helping avoid the spread of this disease. The changes we are implementing immediately in order to accomplish all of the above, are:

New Adjustment Only Hours

In addition to our regular office hours, we will now be opening up extra times that will be for adjustments only. During this time we will not have our team in the office, will not be seeing new patients or doing re-evaluations, and we will only allow 5 adjustments every 15 minutes. This will allow people to get in and out quickly with limited contact with others. We will still be sanitizing tables after every adjustment and door handles every 30 minutes. Because of the limited availability of these adjustment only hours, we will need you to be at your adjustment at your appointed time rather than our usual flexibility of allowing you to come early, or late.


These added hours are:

Tuesday: 8AM-10AM

Friday: 8AM-10AM

You are still welcome to come during our normal business hours as we will be taking all necessary precautions during those times as well, including our new virtual waiting room (see next box for details). These extra hours will help us spread patients out more so that we can continue to have 10 or fewer people in the office at one time, as well as give us a dedicated time where we can safely see the immune compromised and elderly.

Extra Precautions During Normal Hours

1) We are introducing our new, virtual, waiting room! Want to limit your exposure? Just text a reply to your SKED appointment reminder message when you're here, or call us at 813-438-6348 when you’re parked and we’ll check you in and let you know when your room is ready for your adjustment!

2) We are sanitizing tables after every use and we are sanitizing counters, door handles, waiting room chairs, and other publicly used spaces every thirty minutes.

3) In order to ensure we never have more than 10 people in the office, we are reducing the number of chairs in our waiting room to 6 (since at any given time we have at least 3 team members and 1 new patient here). If you'd like to wait inside and the chairs are empty, you'll know you're good to go! If the chairs are full, feel free to come in and check in, then wait outside the door until someone leaves.

4) We will be opening and closing 15 minutes earlier/later in order to space out the appointments at our busiest times of the day.


5) UTILIZE YOUR SKED APP. We are reducing the number of allowed appointments to be scheduled at one time to six. If you open the app and click your appointment time, then click the "reschedule" button in the bottom right hand side of the screen, it will pull up a calendar with all our available times. If there is a green line under it, it is a time where not many people are scheduled. If it is yellow, it's slightly busy. If it's red, it's very busy. Many times you can avoid longer wait times and crowds by simply moving your appointment forward or back by 15 minutes.

Did You Know?

During the 1918 Flu Pandemic, it is reported that chiropractors had so much success in helping people combat the flu that they had 1/40th the death rate that medical doctors were seeing. In fact, many MDs started referring their patients to chiropractors. This success is what ultimately led to chiropractic becoming an officially licensed profession. See this link for more info:


Chiropractic and Infectious Disease

For more information about Chiropractic and your immune system, click HERE.

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