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Pediatric Chiropractor
Brandon, FL

Dr. Chase loves to provide chiropractic care to children! He has been regularly adjusting his own four children since he began adjusting in the student clinic at school. He has also regularly adjusted the five children of his sister, and many other children of family and friends. The reason he loves to adjust children so much is because he has seen what a profound effect it has had on their health. 

Before his oldest daughter began under chiropractic care she was like most normal children. She would get normal childhood illness and by the time she was three had been on antibiotics two or three times. Then they welcomed their second child, a boy, and he and his older sister got under regular chiropractic care. They became so healthy that when they were taken in for their annual wellness check-ups on their fifth and second birthdays the doctor thought they had switched to a new pediatrician, since he hadn't seen them once during the year!

This great health continued and their son didn't go to the pediatrician for illness until he was five and a half and picked up strep at the gym where he was playing in childcare. Even with strep though, his body responded quickly to the meds and he was back to his normal self within just a couple days. The Chase's have seen health like this with all four of their children and they are so passionate about how much chiropractic is helping, that they tell everyone they know to get their kids under regular chiropractic care!

Children come to our office suffering from allergies, colic, ear infections, ADHD, chronic colds as well as numerous other issues.  Some people choose to accept these issues as 'normal' yet these issues aren't 'normal' at all and all too often can be linked to nervous system distress.  Whether these issues stem from the birthing process or the everyday falls and tumbles that come with being a child, it is incredibly important to make sure that your child is checked for any subluxations.

Under neurologically based chiropractic corrective care we are able to restore function to the body the way it was originally intended. When stress to the nervous system is removed, research has shown that improvements can be seen in most aspects of health. When the nervous system is functioning the way it should, this results in all other systems functioning at a higher level, including the immune system, digestive system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system, among others.

Today parent's are more aware than ever before of the nasty combinations of drugs being administered to children.  Some reports suggest that up to 25% of children in the US are on prescription medication today.  This rate is staggering and has led to parents searching for a better alternative.  Drugs are simply a way to mask the symptoms of the underlying problem that is occurring in the body.  At NüVita Chiropractic we look for the root cause of any current health conditions and correct them at the source.  If the body is allowed to function free of nervous system interference, you and your child will be healthier because of it.  Everyone deserves to function at their maximum potential and through principled chiropractic care we are able to provide that to you in a safe, effective and gentle manner.

Book now so we can get your children assessed and on a path towards wellness! 

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